Toshset is a command-line tool allowing access to much of the Toshiba hardware interface. It can do things like control display brightness, set the fan speed, and enable the optional Bluetooth interface.

A general Toshset mailing list can be joined by visiting this link. Once you have joined the list, toshset questions can be directed to

Credit for the difficult task of reverse-engineering the Toshiba hardware interface goes to others, principly Jonathan Buzzard. His tools can be found at

Toshset can now be used under ACPI if the experimental toshiba acpi driver from John Belmonte is used. This site has additional hints if you have toshset trouble and are running ACPI. A recent version (for linux 3.2) of the patch can also be found here.

The current version is 1.76.


not as new new:

source: tar'd and gzip'd

binary: gzip'd (440kb)
64 bit binary: gzip'd (460kb)

The binary should work with 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels. It may work for others as well.

toshset -h for help. Patches, comments and the output of toshset -v -q are welcome.

To be notified when new versions of toshset are available, join the toshset-announce mailing list.